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About the Rare Wines Market

After abolishing its wine duty in 2008, Hong Kong has become a global trading centre for the rare wine market.

Currently rare wine is bought mainly by Chinese buyers, where having the finest wines available is seen as an important status symbol.

Companies Trading in Rare Wines

UK companies involved in the rare wines market include:

Sotherby's Fine and Rare Wine Auctions

Christine's Wine Auctions

Berry Bros & Rudd Specialist Wine Merchants

Branding for an Australian Wines Business

Are you looking for a brand name for an Australian Wines business? If so, how about Queensland Wines? The .com domain for this term is currently being offered for sale.

Bordeaux Region Reclaiming the Name Claret

The British used the word "claret" to refer to wines from the Bordeaux region. Once upon a time "claret" was a term that could be used to describe a general style of wine, wherever in the world that wine came from. However, the French have taken exception, and have had EU legislation passed to make it legal to describe only Bordeaux wines as "claret" in the EU. The Bordeaux region is reclaiming the name "claret" for its wines. Other producers of good claret style wines are mostly in the New World, and can have little influence on EU legislation.

There is a strong movement in France committed to preserving the purity of the French language. However, where commerce is involved, it would seem that the movement does not worry about absorbing an English word.

Some people might be pleased that the word is coming back into use. However, the way the French intend to use the word suggests that it will come to indicate only "down market" wines. Why on earth did they fight to control the word if their usage is to further devalue it as a descriptive term? One can almost hear someone saying, as was common up to around the 1980s, "It's nothing special, just a cheap claret", but without having to use the word "cheap" as a qualifier.